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Jasper's sore eye

Jasper is a handsome 2 year old domestic short haired (DSH) cat, who was presented out of normal hours on a Saturday night.

His owner was worried because he would not open his right eye and appeared in discomfort. During the initial phone call, she was concerned that she may be over-reacting. On arrival he was holding his right eye open again, as can be seen in the first photo.

On further examination, his conjunctiva was very inflamed, and we were all surprised to find an object in his eye. This can just about be seen in the second picture.

We applied local anaesthetic to his eye, and were able to remove a surprisingly large piece of wood which was stuck underneath his third eyelid!

We then applied dye to ensure this had not caused any physical damage to his cornea, which thankfully it had not. As he already had local applied, we were also able to pull his third eyelid forward and ensure there was not anything else stuck under it!

Jasper was a very lucky boy, and his owner acted quickly which could potentially have saved his sight. This goes to show that even when we think we know our animals well, we do not always perceive the urgency of their condition. If your pet is showing any signs of ocular discomfort, it is always important to have it checked out, as even apparently minor problems can quickly become serious.

We are pleased to report that Jasper is now 100% again.