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Poor Little Paddy

This little puppy came to see us at our Holders Hill branch on Saint Patrick's day and so we called him Paddy! 

He had been bought via the internet just 24 hours before he came to us and so his previous history was unknown.  He had not eaten, was vomiting and came in collapsed with a very low blood sugar reading and dehydration.  He was given life saving glucose into his blood stream and was rehydrated with fluids, then taken to our main hospital for further investigation. 

Sadly his new owner was unable financially and emotionally to provide his treatment and so rather than allowing such a young animal to die or be put to sleep, Wood Street Vet Hospital took on this responsibility. 

Despite intensive therapy, poor Paddy remained extremely weak and poorly, so after a few days we had to place a central line. This involved placing a tube directly into his jugular vein to provide life saving medication. 

We believe that the cause of Paddy's problems was an infection as blood tests, Xrays and scans showed no other more sinister cause of the low blood glucose.  Paddy needed hospitalisation for 11 days before he finally recovered.  He became a firm favourite with our nurses and vets. 

It was so lovely to see him turn into a happy boy with a very waggy tail!  And of course we couldn't bear to send him to a rehoming centre; several of our staff wanted to take him home and we're pleased to say he's now with one of our nurses getting lots of love and attention in his new home.

Whilst this case has a happy ending, it highlights how important it is to research and to realise the responsibility a pet can be.  We would always recommend you get a puppy or new pet from a respectable rehoming centre or reputable breeder.  If at all possible go and see the puppy, meet the parents, see the siblings and make sure they look happy and healthy in a clean environment.

If you need advice on any of these points, please do speak to one of our staff.....